About Us

After 20 years in construction, Maurice Property Group’s family owned and operated construction firm has developed unique expertise in tailoring our services to meet your needs, and an unparalleled reputation for honesty.


Trust us to work with you the way you want. From comprehensive project management to step-by-step consultancy, we’re endlessly flexible.


If time is of the essence, and you have little, you can hand over your entire project to us. We’ll manage it, from the big picture to the smallest details.


For a more ‘hands on’ approach, we work with you and tackle projects one task at a time. You can make suggestions and alter plans as you prefer.


Either way, at Maurice Property Group we call when we say we will, and do the job on time. We do it once because we do it right.


You could choose to act as Trade Assistant for your project to save money, and you might learn something! There’s further financial flexibility with progressive payments to ease your cash flow.


Visit our Services page to learn what we can do for you. We offer maintenance for body corporates or tenants, renovation and extensions, new builds, project management, lifestyle equipment solutions and hourly rate carpentry services.